Spare Parts

Our inventory provides a full range of consumable & spare parts. All replaceable parts are available at our regional service centers. Please contact us for any and all parts inquiries you may have.

Legacy Products

At MID we are committed to supporting all of our products, this includes our older obsolete/legacy products. Among these legacy products such as GXB-II, GXB-2, GXB-IV, GXB-4 & Exac-U-Batch series, we have older generations of "Mould Tek" blender controllers which were originally designed and manufactured by MID dating back to 1994. Whatever the model, if you have a product of ours you would like to have looked at, please contact us or complete the RMA request form to submit a repair inquiry. Ultimately our goal at MID is to meet and exceed the needs and requirements of our end users, that’s our legacy!


Technical support & customized solutions

Our technical team at MID is always ready to provide fast and reliable technical support, whether it is for repair or just trouble shooting. Whatever your technical issue, please feel free to either contact us directly or complete a general inquiry form. MID's design and consulting services are available to any clients who wish to capitalize on the experience and expertise of our accomplished engineering team. There is no project too big or too small, at MID we can indeed do it all. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your design requirements. We are confident that we can meet and exceed your requirements in providing customized solutions tailored to whatever your application may be.

Need Support?

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